A better mobile experience

Forvo is a project born in the age of desktop computers so we have always lacked of a true mobile navigation. Furthermore, some features, as the recorder, are not really useful in the mobile environment due to background noise, abuses, etc. so we filled those gaps thanks to our mobile apps.

Last year, we finally made the audio player compatible with mobile devices and now we are releasing a better navigation and adapted content for them too.

There is still much work to do in the mobile space but we will keep improving it so you can use Forvo wherever you are.

mobile forvo rwd

Better search results

Along with improvements in search results for both words and pronunciations we have added more ways to find the words you want.

First, maybe one of them most requested features: search for translations. When you search for a simple word like ‘house‘, ‘fish‘, ‘love‘, etc. we will show in the sidebar a new tab called ‘Translations’. There you can find that word translated into more than 40 languages, in the appropiate script of the language and with a Forvo pronunciation.

See an example: House translations.


Second, search in categories. Now you can search in the categories gathered in Forvo, almost 100,000 at this moment, so you could easily words related to ‘music‘, ‘cities‘, etc. Ideal to learn to pronounce words grouped by topics.

New projects powered by Forvo API

As a great ending to this terrific year in Forvo HQ, we are happy to announce two big new partners who are using Forvo pronunciations. Both are leaders in their languages:

Youdao Dictionary is the largest dictionary in China with more than 300 million people using their Apps.


Hiztegiak Elhuyar is the number one Basque dictionary and translator.


Welcome on board and thanks for counting on us.

Top pronunciations of 2013

Following ACGBueno’s tweet, here is the 2013 list.

1. denigrated
2. Chag Sameach
3. 把手拿回
4. djävligt
5. Karadayı
6. مهذبة
7. præstekonen
8. ムーン香奈
9. Geschke
10. Guillaume

Forvo covered in Spanish media

We are being overwhelmed these days with all the coverage in Spanish media. Here are a bunch of examples:

Informativos TVE

El PaísLa donostiarra Forvo, entre las 50 mejores webs, según ‘Time’
EitbLa revista ‘Time’ sitúa a la web ‘Forvo’ entre las 50 mejores del mundo
Diario VascoUna web donostiarra se sitúa entre las cincuenta mejores del mundo
El confidencialLa desconocida web española que ‘Time’ incluye entre las 50 mejores del mundo
NaizPara ‘Time’, la vasca Forvo está entre las 50 mejores web
Berria - Ahoskatzeen wikipedia
RTVECarta abierta 2.0
ABCForvo, la ‘Wikipedia’ de las pronunciaciones

Forvo is (sort of) hiring (again)

Good news! Forvo is growing so healthy that we have decided to bring more people to our team.

– Do you love languages?
– Do you speak English and Spanish?
– Could you spend some time from your home helping us with the quality of our dictionary?

We have an offer for you! :)

Please contact for more information: info (at) forvo (dot) com.