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Have you tried to use Forvo from a mobile device? It works pretty fine, but when it comes to listen to pronunciations… oops, you won’t hear anything.

We are introducing some changes to give a better mobile experience. So depending on your device you could listen to pronunciations. Here are the requirements:

– Javascript and Flash Lite enabled browser.

We are not happy with this solution but it’s a first step to bring more compatibility. Feel free to comment your mobile experience in this post.

3 thoughts on “Forvo Mobile

  1. asdfforvo

    great improvement!

    i tried it on Nokia n82:
    1)The Flash didn’t got permission to use the mic and it staid waiting for permission, I can’t change the setting with n82 flash.
    2)The Site is very slow on slow mobile cpu, I think a lighter version of forvo with less text, images and no googlemap would speed the site on mobile.

    I think Java should work on all mobile platform?

    or a small applet for most used mobile platforms like Nokia, Iphone, Blackberry and Windowmobile to choose [language List] and type the [word] and then you get the [Result] to click on the word and hear the pronunciation, or click on the red bottom to record the pronunciation.

    submitting an applet for each mobile system will make forvo a famous site. “forvo APIs to let other developer to develop applets”

    “Forvo is a useful site to use in travel, let the mobile ask/talk to the natives.”

    good luck!

  2. Adam Verner

    Hi – I’m in the middle of typing up a blog post about your excellent site – I’m a voice-over talent and it’s saved my butt numerous times. Sorry if this is not quite the right post for this comment, but it concerns browsers, so here goes:

    How exactly are you working the audio player? Is it Java or Flash, or some combination of both? I am not able to listen to the audio samples in FireFox, my browser of choice. I’m not sure if the problem is on my end or not. Every time I want to listen I have to open up IE. I haven’t tried on my iPhone, but I definitely could see the advantage to that ability – I’d be able to check a name or word from within my booth without going to a computer.

    Thanks for the great work!
    Adam Verner

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