Forvo iPhone App questions

We have received great feedback about our recently released iPhone App, but there are also some user with doubts about it.

First, I would like to thank to all the people who are downloading the app because it’s a big support for keeping Forvo alive (thanks!) But also, I understand that paying for something make people more demanding about the product.

So I would like to answer some of your questions:

  • The app allows you to access to the unique content Forvo with your help has collected. If this is not good enough for you, please don’t download the app.
  • We have plans to develop apps for other mobile platforms. (read Android)
  • We have plans to develop apps for individual languages at a very reduced price. (Spanish pronunciations, French pronunciations, etc.)
  • We have plans to add new browsing features and even translations.
  • The app does not pretend to be the website. It’s a faster way of searching and listening to the pronunciations. Listening in the website through the standard iPhone player is a real pain. Furthermore, it has some useful features that doesn’t exist in the website as remembering your previous searches and activity.

And now to share a little of Forvo love, we have decided to give away 10 codes to download the app for free for the first 10 valid comments in this post(*). A good review in the iTunes Store would be appreciated ;)

* Only available for the U.S. iTunes Store. Please leave valid contact information.

21 thoughts on “Forvo iPhone App questions

  1. Sheehan

    I look forward to future versions of this app. A bad speller like myself could certainly use the browse feature.

  2. Sebastian Oliva

    Awesome!, I’d love to get a free download to work my pronunciation on the go!

    You should change “all the people who is downloading”, to “all the people who are downloading” ;)

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  4. daeman

    I sort of missed this post but $3 does not concern me much

    Anyways, I liked the search on the app. Its a hell of a lot better than the one on the site, it actually searches for characters in more places than just the first space. I DO wish that there was an offline version, like everyone else I’m sure…

    Unrelated: I can see a lot of Forvo’s future growth coming from search engine placement. Before I became a regular visitor (a consequence of picking up a foreign language) I stumbled across Forvo about a dozen times when trying to pin down the pronunciation of random French and Spanish words.

  5. ralph

    I’m puzzled. The app for the iphone doesn’t do anything. Returns no searches–I tried run, bun and car. Nothing. The screen for language changes is dark (no languages displayed). Is it not compatible with the ipad 4.2?

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  7. Jim Jeffries

    I’m heading off to France next week and hope to try out this app. I’ll let all know how it performs in the field.

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