What do you think “Forvo” means?

Many of you ask this question. We don’t really know if we should say what it means or not if it ever means anything. The explaination is so simple that maybe you’ll get disappointed.

So, what do you think “forvo” means? Wait for clues in the next posts…

5 thoughts on “What do you think “Forvo” means?

  1. peterahon

    i just wonder why adding words does not have button to have it pronounced since the web service here is suppose to be pornounced words. words are useless if they are not heard since only few would understand it, i suggest tht a button to have it pronounced should go with the page when submitting a word.

    also I would like to suggest so it will be more useful to display it on our webblog/page to have a player for all the words submitted by a user so those interested could just click them and plays words submitted…

    another thing – aside from tags, it is also important to add another category that of descritption or context. It would be nice to understand esp useful expression and know their context and proper use

    got lots of suggestions since i do admire this service. indeed this site will be helpful for those who would want to learn languages.

  2. douwen

    I think Forvo is good, but, i cant hear anything when i click on a play button of a word.
    i use firefox 3 , on a Ubuntu OS.

  3. Escorpiuser

    I would bet that “Forvo” stands for “FOR-VOcalization”… Right??

    But it wasn’t evident at first sight until gave it a thought after I read your question…

    Another, as acronym (with a bit of humor):

    First On-line Right Vocalization Operative


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