New projects powered by Forvo API

As a great ending to this terrific year in Forvo HQ, we are happy to announce two big new partners who are using Forvo pronunciations. Both are leaders in their languages:

Youdao Dictionary is the largest dictionary in China with more than 300 million people using their Apps.


Hiztegiak Elhuyar is the number one Basque dictionary and translator.


Welcome on board and thanks for counting on us.

One thought on “New projects powered by Forvo API

  1. Meiii

    ‘Youdao’ is definitely best app to learn Mandarin, even though they currently just have English, Korean, French and Japanese. I highly recommend this app, cuz you not only get to know the meaning, but also you can see some online examples. I’ve been using this app for 2years. “加油!!”

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